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How to RIDE a Man!

Looking to learn how be on top? Read on...

Men LOVE sex with the woman on top, in fact a recent poll in cosmopolitan put it second only to doggystyle as their absolute FAVOURITE sexual position! This completely FREE eBook will tell you everything you ever wanted to know with descriptions, hints, tips, photo illustrations and quotes from men and women alike...and he will thank God you found it!

What every girl wants to know... but was afraid to ask!

This premium quality ebook is provided completely FREE for download for you to study either on your own or with your partner. We all know that being on top provides the woman with the ability to choose the speed and depth of penetration and control her own pleasure but many women find self-conciousness getting in the way of being able to truly let go and enjoy. You may be shy now but you won't be if you follow the mind blowing tips and tricks in this guide, you'll approach the bedroom KNOWING you're DAMN GOOD in bed and any man is LUCKY to have you!

Learning how to be on top with confidence and skill is surprisingly easy when someone shows you how and boy does this guide show you!

eBook Features:

  • Confidence boosting truths every woman should read!
  • Over 30 positions and variations so you'll never run out of ideas
  • Pictures and illustrations for you to copy
  • Each position is photo illustrated by a real couple and described with hints and tips for maximal pleasure
  • What to do when you're on top...motion, speed, all the good stuff!
  • How to look sexy and feel at your sexiest and overcome shyness
  • Written by a woman with Q&A's from men too - find out exactly how they feel, what they are looking for and what they want!
  • Hot ways to smoothly transition between positions
  • 155 pages of high quality information, pictures, secrets hints and tips

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

OK to business! If you’ve found this site chances are you have at least a rough idea what being ‘on top’ or ‘cowgirl’ involves (even if you aren’t sure exactly how to do it!) but for the uninitiated it can be loosely defined as the man lying on his back on whatever surface the couple choose (usually a bed… or couch, or kitchen floor, or bathroom floor, or in a field on the grass, or... you get the idea) and the woman sitting or laying on top of him with him inside her. I choose to keep the definition as loose as that because as with all lovemaking the only limit is your imagination and the number of variations that you can try is only limited by your willingness to experiment and your flexibility!

For many women the idea of being on top can be a little daunting, especially to begin with or with a new partner. In fact just a casual google search on the subject reveals the same theme coming up time and again; namely “I want to try it but I’m shy”, “help! My boyfriend wants me to go on top more often but I don’t know what I’m doing!” or the equally frequent “when I try it I feel ridiculous!” Well the good news is that any and all of these problems can be easily overcome with an open mind (perhaps one of the best tools anyone can bring to the bedroom), a happy reality check on how men really feel about it and with a little quality information in you back pocket to draw confidence from. When it comes to pleasure men and women are a little different. An analogy that I like to use is that men’s arousal is like a light switch… it’s either off or on and can pretty much go from one to the other in an instant with a word a thought, a look or the hint of a flash of skin! Women on the other hand are more like the dimmer switch, there are stages of arousal that ramp up and ramp up as she relaxes and gets more turned on. Women also tend to be more cerebral when it comes to sex and thus can find it harder to get outside of their headspace, let go and just enjoy without allowing  self-consciousness to affect them.

The advantages of cowgirl are well known and good reason for every girl to keep it in their repertoire:

  • Usually it’s the man who does the majority of the movement and the woman goes at the pace he chooses, when riding a man she gets to regulate the speed, depth of penetration and find the rhythm that feels best for her (trust me it’ll feel good for him also)
  • Women’s bodies look amazing from the man’s angle below – all the bits he so loves are in their right places and right there in his face! While we can get self-conscious of how our bodies move when we ride men love it!
  • Men when polled regularly list woman on top as one of their top two favourite positions because their egos love that the woman they so desire clearly desires them back so much that they are actively riding them instead of laying back and thinking about something else… planning their next holiday, etc.

Many if not most women are self-conscious to begin with when experimenting with being on top. As with most things it gets easier with practice and is well worth practicing! There are several things you can do to make it easier to begin with:

  • Turning out the lights Simple, and probably the easiest way to boost confidence now you don’t have to worry about how you think you look and can concentrate on how you feel!
  • Alcohol Let’s face it sometimes a little Dutch courage can help settle the nerves and get out of your own headspace! We’re not saying to get blind drunk but it’s a remedy that’s tried and tested and can help make things go a little easier, especially with someone new!
  • Think about it from his point of view Most likely he is just grateful that you are naked with him! If the whole “men think about se every 7 seconds” thing is to be believed imagine how he thinks his day is going with your hot self on top of him? There is literally no way he won’t be having a good time so worrying how you look or how you are doing is all in your head because it certainly won’t be in his!
  • Set the mood The sexier you feel the easier it is to let go. Light scented candles, take a luxurious bath, spray some perfume… whatever you need to be in a good headspace for feeling like the sexy woman you know you are

There are two positions most commonly used when the girl is on top – cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. In cowgirl position you straddle you man resting on your knees facing him either sitting upright, leaning forward or laying on his chest depending on the angle you want to employ and how tired you are getting! With reverse cowgirl position you face away from him resting your hands on his legs for support. This position doesn’t allow for as much g-spot or clitoral stimulation but gives him a great view of your backside which is always a huge turn on for men (doggystyle is consistently ranked #1 in polls of their favorite positions largely due to this reason!). Once in position do not over think the motion you choose – do whatever feels good! You can employ a forward-backwards motion which can be great for clitoral stimulation, up and down which stimulates his penis slightly more but can be more tiring for you, a circular motion or a combination of all three. Concentrate on what feels best for you and he will get off seeing you get off – this is the most important factor and the key to how to ride a man! Above all get out of your own head and enjoy the moment. Have fun!

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